We owe it all to Grandma Ruth.

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Inspired by a photo of James Hahn’s grandmother Ruth taking a ferry trip around the Statue of Liberty sometime in the 1930s, Mint and Liberty celebrates fresh foods (Mint) and freedom of choice (Liberty).

The Hahn family’s tale is a classic American tale of immigration and assimilation. Mila Chanamé’s family background as renowned San Francisco restaurateurs makes establishing a Sonoma diner a perfect choice.

Emphasizing seasonal excellence and the clean, healthful foods you want to feed your own family, Mint and Liberty’s menu lets you be as bold or sensible as you want to be. Opt for a sprouted lentil salad or go for broke and have pork belly and kimchi atop your burger! You be you — that’s our pleasure.


(707) 996-5949


19101 HWY 12
Sonoma, CA 95476


Breakfast 8a–11a
Lunch 11a–9p
Breakfast all day